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Lori Calvert, Paralegal

Lori Calvert is our dedicated paralegal who focuses on family law matters. She is dedicated to helping take care of our clients. 

Our people make the difference.

Our team of experienced paralegal and attorney is dedicated to providing top-notch service to our clients. We take the time to research your situation completely and bring about the most effective opportunities ensuring you get the successful outcome you deserve. We're proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for counsel and representation. Our relationships with clients usually extend well beyond after their case is completed. We are determined to work hard to earn our clients loyalty every day. We're here to help you succeed every step of the way. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients.

Individual Attention

 We pride ourselves in maintaining a small-firm and by treating each case with care and consideration.  Our clients are not just numbers or files on our desks, we develop relationships with our clients to help them through the challenges of the legal process.  Often times, divorce and family law cases are difficult and present large changes in the lives of our clients and their children.  It is our commitment to help our clients through the changes and to help prepare them for live after divorce.  We understand that it is a very stressful time for our clients filled with uncertainty.  We try our best to get answers to their questions as soon as we can.  We offer guidiance and suggestions so that you can make informed decisions during the process.  We try to make the process as easy as we can on our clients since we know they already have a lot to deal with.    No issue is too big or too small. If you have a legal problem, we can help you find a solution

Melissa Miller, Attorney

Melissa Miller focuses on family law and criminal defense. She has handled more than a hundred divorce, domestic disputes, orders of protection, child custody, child support and modification cases. Read more about her here

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