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Child Support

How Much Should Be Paid In Child Support?

I work closely with families every day in the matter of child support.  Alabama law requires the courts to calculate child support according to the Alabama Child Support Guidelines adopted by the Alabama Supreme Court.  The Alabama formula is occasionally updated, and we are able to help our clients significantly, as we stay current with Alabama legislation.

It is the responsibility of the court to determine the amount that the amount that the non-custodial parent is responsible to contribute for support of the minor child.  The Court must follow the Alabama Child Support Guidelines, unless the Court specifically finds the Guidelines would be unjust and inappropriate.  The Court combines the income of the divorcing parents, determines from the Guidelines the applicable amount of child support for the number of children of the marriage based upon that income, adjusts this amount for work-related child care expenses and health insurance premiums, and then assigns a portion of that support amount to the non-custodial parent based on his or her percentage share of the combined income.  

The most important factors to be considered by the court in making a child support determination are the needs of the child and the ability to the parent to earn wages and pay his or her portion of the support.  A parent's obligation to pay child support may be based on his or her proven ability to earn a certain amount of money, not what the parent is choosing to earn.

Child support is paid until the child reaches the age of majority (19 years old), but can be extended beyond that in circumstances where the child is mentally or physically disabled.

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