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Alimony/Spousal Support

What is Alimony/Spousal Support?

Alimony laws exists in Alabama to provide financial assistance to a spouse in order to preserve his or her accustomed standard of living, as it existed during the marriage.  Either a husband or a wife may be entitled to alimony, also referred to as spousal support, if the court determines he or she needs support and the other party is able to pay.  

There are two types of alimony:  temporary and permanent.  Temporary alimony is awarded to the needy party during the time after a divorce suit is file while awaiting trial or the Court's final decision in the matter.  Permanent alimony is alimony which is awarded by the court in its final decree.  There are two types of permanent alimony.  There is alimony "in gross" which is a fixed total amount and cannot be changed.  The second type is called "periodic" alimony.  Periodic alimony is an amount payable on a regular basis without a fixed total and which can be modified under some circumstances.

The award of alimony is at the court's discretion.  The judge takes into consideration a variety of factors in determining whether or not to award alimony.  Some of those factors include the length of marriage, the age of the parties, earning capacity, health, conduct, education, and income of each of the parties.  

Alimony is separate and apart from any property division between the parties.  However, as a practical matter, there is often a relationship between the two issues, especially since some of the same factors are used as guides to property settlements.

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